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All coaches must attend the mandatory Coaches / Referees Instruction Meeting on Saturday morning at 9:00am. Coach's passes will be validated at this meeting. Only coaches with a validated coach's pass will be permitted ring access and protest rights during competition events! If you do not attend the meeting, your pass will not be validated, and you will not be permitted to coach during your competitor's event! No refunds will be provided for coaches who are unable to be ringside.

BOC to use Daedo EPSS for Olympic Style Sparring Black Belt Competitions

BOC is pleased to announce the use of the Daedo Electronic Protection and Scoring System for all Black Belt matches in Taekwondo Olympic Style Sparring. Daedo Electronic Foot Sensor Socks are required! A limited number of Electronic Foot Sensor Socks will be available for rent at the event. Or you may purchase them in advance directly from TKDScore. Children who normally wear shoes smaller than Adult Size 2, may purchase the e.Instep.


Get your name out - Advertise in our program book!

AND WAIT!---- ANYONE can be a "Sponsor" in our program book - you don't have to have an advertisement for a business - You can submit a 1/4 page, 1/8 page or even 3 Lines just wishing the competitors (or a specific competitor) "GOOD LUCK" in the tournament, or other words of encouragement, acknowledgment and much more!

You feel good, the competitor(s) feel encouragement and you're participating in helping to support the legacy of BOC- it's a WIN-WIN-WIN situation!